Green Travel Scheme

The Prologis Green Travel Scheme encourages organised car sharing across Prologis Parks by connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs, whilst also reducing congestion and pollution. Joining the scheme is easy and completely free of charge. Employees simply register their details on the Prologis Green Travel website and then activate their account. After they've registered their journey, they are presented with other journeys matching their own. Once they've found a suitable match from the results, they can then contact the member(s) using an internal messaging system.

In 2008, working with Liftshare UK, our in-house Property Management Team set up the very first Green Travel Scheme at Prologis Park Kettering. Since then, they have worked hard to introduce Liftshare schemes across our network of Prologis Parks, using the scheme in Northamptonshire as an outstanding example of how car-sharing can reduce local traffic, save employees money and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. Over a decade later, our Green Travel Scheme with Liftshare UK has grown from one member to an incredible 1,642 members, all of whom benefit from the social, financial and environmental benefits.

917 tonnes

The Prologis Green Travel Scheme has reduced CO2 emissions by 917 tonnes since May 2013

4.1 million

Miles of unnecessary journeys have been avoided


Saved by employees through using the car share scheme