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Prologis Dunstable benefits from fast dual carriageway access to the M1 (J11), with an immediate link to the national motorway network and offers direct access to both the M25 to the south and M6 to the north.

Prologis Park Dunstable has achieved BREEAM 2014 ‘outstanding’ accreditation for DC2, its 360,000 square foot distribution centre at Prologis Park Dunstable. This is the first industrial building to be assessed ‘outstanding’ under the BREEAM 2014 guidelines and the accreditation confirms Prologis Park Dunstable as the first large-scale distribution park to be fully certified as BREEAM ‘outstanding’.

The two distribution centres at Prologis Park Dunstable have been designed and constructed to Prologis’ standard methodology. However, because the Dunstable development was built on a brownfield site in the middle of the town, Prologis gained additional BREEAM credits for managing site specific issues, including historic ground contamination and re-using demolition materials.Prologis built DC1 and DC2 speculatively and both buildings were let before completion, bringing hundreds of jobs to Dunstable.

“We aim to deliver Grade A sustainable buildings that will help our customers run their operations as efficiently as possible,” said Andrew Griffiths, managing director, Prologis UK. “All our buildings are designed to the highest standards, so we are delighted that having followed our standard approach, we now have the first fully certified BREEAM ‘outstanding’ logistics park in the UK.” Andrew Griffiths, Prologis UK

Prologis Park Dunstable, 2 Boscombe Rd, Dunstable LU5 4RW
Park Life

At Prologis, we make so much more than industrial logistics buildings; we create the spaces and places where our customers' businesses can thrive, where employees enjoy coming to work and where communities and nature can flourish. We call it PARKlife.

Green travel plan
Maintained private roads
Community liaison
On-site parking controls
Maintained park drainage
Maintained landscaping
Park signage
Litter picking
Shared external building clean
On-site recruitment service
Customer estate meetings

Park Services

At Prologis, we aim to create a high quality working environment for all our customers. Our buildings are on Prologis Parks, which we own, manage and maintain, so when customers move to one of our buildings, they can benefit from a range of park-wide services that we have designed to support their business operations.

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    Making DC2

    DC2 is a 358,068 sq ft unit at Prologis Dunstable. Currently occupied by Amazon construction of this BREEAM 'Outstanding' unit was completed in Spring 2016. Here's how it all went down...

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