Built for Wellbeing

We place the wellbeing of your employees at the heart of our design. In addition to being warm, bright places in which to work, many of our buildings also include enhanced welfare facilities such as contemplation rooms, employee fitness suites, modern office facilities, open-plan cafe areas and roof terraces.

A Thriving Community

Our network of Prologis Parks is rather special and we're proud of the community spirit that develops around each of these Parks: not only are they ideal places for our customers to carry out their business activities, they are also great places for people to work and provide great spaces for park employees and the local community to enjoy.

Working Together

Across our network of over twenty parks, customers work together with our in-house property management team to build trusted relationship with the local community. This includes raising money for local charities, working with local schools and colleges, providing valuable employment and training opportunities and organising initiatives that benefit the local community, such as litter picking or community improvement projects.

This desire to be a force for good in the local community is a value we share with our occupiers and we work hard to build long-standing and trusted relationships with the local community.

Developing the Future

Our sustainability programme funds education officers from the Eden Project to go into local schools close to our developments and talk to the children about sustainability and how they can play their part in protecting the planet.

Safer Spaces

As well as providing on-site security services across our network of Parks, we also work in partnership with the local community to promote safer spaces. At Prologis RFI DIRFT in Northamptonshire, for example, we sponsor two Police Community Support Officers in partnership with Crick Parish Council after funding for the existing PCSO's was cut. Thanks to the 'sponsor a PCSO scheme' we were able to fund 80% of the annual cost with Crick Parish Council funding the remaining amount, enabling vital community policing work in the area to continue.

Making Space for Wildlife

At Prologis we want to build long-lasting relationships with the communities close to our network of over 22 Prologis Park and this commitment extends to protecting and enhancing the environment for local wildlife.

That's why, across our developments, we work with ecology consultants, local wildlife groups and landscape consultants to enhance biodiversity. Click here to see some of the projects we have undertaken