A dedicated in-house property management team

Our award-winning in-house property management team are passionate our customers. Move your business to a Prologis Park and Stuart Davies and his team of Steve Haddock, Paul Johnson, Liz Allister, Jugdeep Gill and Sarah Stanniland will take the time to get to know your business and understand your needs.

A range of park services designed to support your business operations

From security and maintenance, through to gritting the estate roads and helping your employees get to and from work, our team will take care of the day to day running of the park. The scale of our Prologis Parks also means we can also offer additional services like snow clearance and cleaning that would be unviable at a single unit or smaller scheme. Pooling resources means we can buy in bulk and offer the savings to our collective customers.

Park Services

At Prologis, we aim to create a high quality working environment for all our customers. We own, manage and maintain our buildings on Prologis Parks, so our customers can benefit from a range of park-wide services that we have designed to support their business operations.Read our park services brochure to find out exactly what we can offer your business and employees.

You can download our Park Services brochure here: