Prologis Park Marston Gate is perfectly positioned to provide impressive build quality, a readily available workforce, access to primary consumer markets and the national motorway network.

The park is situated to the south east of Milton Keynes, immediately adjacent to J13 M1 motorway.


Prologis Park Marston Gate, 6 Bedford Rd, Brogborough, Bedford MK43 0XY


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Rajapack - Case Study

Rajapack currently operates out of a 100,000 sq. ft facility on Prologis Park Marston Gate; however, due to a growing requirement for space, the company needed a larger building. Moving away from the area would have resulted in significant business disruption and a loss of local jobs and, therefore, Prologis worked with Rajapack to help the French-owned packaging company realise its ambitions for growth from a Prologis-owned site in the neighbouring area of Brogborough.

Customer Case Study - Dwell

Logistics is often defined as 'having the right thing in the right place at the right time' and the same principle applies to our business, where the 'thing' in question is a high quality distribution or industrial facility. The building, the location and the customer's operational timescale are equally important, but at DC9 Prologis Park Marston Gate timing was especially critical. Our customer for this 151,000 sq ft building at Prologis Park Marston Gate – is Dwell, the furniture retailer owned by DFS.

PARKlife Logo

At Prologis, we make so much more than industrial logistics buildings; we create the spaces and places where our customers' businesses can thrive, where employees enjoy coming to work and where communities and nature can flourish. We call it PARKlife

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ANPR control and regulation

On-site security

Green travel plan

Maintained private roads

Community liaison

On-site parking controls

Snow clearance/road gritting

Maintained park drainage

Maintained landscaping

Park signage

Litter picking

Amenity Space

Shared External Building Clean

On-site Recruitment Service

Customer Estate Meetings

Park Services

Prologis is a long term owner of the buildings that it develops. This model enables us to create unique single ownership parks that offer market leading services and property management, delivering tangible benefits to our customer's operations and their staff.

Services available to all customers at Prologis Park Marston Gate are as follows:

Liz Allister

Real Estate & Customer Experience, Manager

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James Straw

Associate, Capital Deployment & Leasing

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Robin Woodbridge

SVP, Head of Capital Deployment & Leasing

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