Exercising outside is a great way to get fit: that’s why we’re starting to include outdoor fitness trails across our Prologis Parks, allowing park employees and members of the local community to exercise for free.

We believe our network of over twenty Prologis Parks in the UK provides the perfect environment to encourage physical activity for both park employees and the local community. Recently, we opened our latest outdoor fitness trail at Prologis Park Pineham. The trail forms a 3-kilometre running track around the park and includes a different piece of outdoor fitness equipment at 5 exercise locations along the track, with information boards at each fitness station introducing the equipment and its correct use. We’ve also included equipment suitable for use by those in wheelchairs, ensuring everyone can benefit from the fitness trail.

Exercising outdoors is now incredibly popular and even though it was only opened recently, our fitness trail at Prologis Park Pineham is already being used by the local community, including local running and fitness groups. We also hope it will be widely used by park employees.

People can walk or run around the track, which has benches, picnic tables and even an orchard where people can stop and enjoy spending time in nature. An art sculpture, outdoor table tennis and exercise area are also included along the route, providing plenty of opportunity for rest, reflection and physical activity.

Being physically active outdoors enables you to get that all-important exposure to vitamin D, from being out in the sun. Indeed, research has been shown that exercising outdoors reduces anger and depression and improves your mood.  What’s more, exercising outside is free and accessible, so, during Love Parks Week, why don’t you give it a try?

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