Having cut its carbon footprint by 25% over the past three years, Warwickshire College Group (WCG) is planning to make further reductions during 2017/2018. This alone is a tremendous achievement, but the impact of the whole programme, which is sponsored by Prologis, is potentially even more far-reaching. It is inspiring students to become a new generation of sustainability champions.

Prologis first became involved with WCG through our approach to carbon mitigation. As part of our UK sustainable development strategy, we measure, reduce and mitigate the carbon emissions embodied in the structure and fabric of our new buildings.

The Planet Mark monitors this process, validates the carbon footprint report for every building and certifies that each stage has been successfully completed. Unavoidable emissions are mitigated partly by sponsoring local education and community projects and we are delighted that through this programme, we have been able to help WCG make such impressive progress.

We have been working with the Planet Mark for just over three years and during that time we have reduced our carbon footprint from over 6,000 tCO2e to 4,800 tCO2e, which is a fantastic achievement

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Using the same methodology it applies to Prologis buildings, the Planet Mark scrutinises WCG’s progress towards reducing its carbon emissions. When the first year’s sponsorship proved to be successful and WCG achieved Planet Mark certification, we decided to continue our involvement and we are delighted to see that this is making a measurable difference.

“We have been working with the Planet Mark for just over three years and during that time we have reduced our carbon footprint from over 6,000 tCO2e to 4,800 tCO2e, which is a fantastic achievement,” said John Vickery, Director of Estates, WCG.

“But we are not resting on our laurels,” he added. “This year we will be fitting new gas boilers and possibly PV solar panels at Moreton Morrell College and our new Green Team will be a vital part of our sustainability agenda.”

Enter the Green Team

The Green Team, which is made up of staff and students is encouraging behaviour change as well as introducing new sustainability measures across the six colleges in the WCG. As Vivek Bhushan, Vice President of the Students’ Union, WCG said: “We will be working together to cut energy and set up new re-cycling schemes.”

WCG recognises that learning about sustainability offers a great many benefits. The experience could potentially help a wide range of students – particularly those specialising in trades such as electrical installation and plumbing – when applying for jobs. But, a new awareness of sustainability can have a positive effect on everyone.

“I would like students to develop skills that they can use in later life,” said Zoe Pulling, Student Engagement Officer, WCG. “I hope that this initiative will encourage them to make a culture change and to think about the way they live their lives from day to day.”


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