A workout with a view

We believe our network of over twenty Prologis Parks in the UK provide the perfect environment to encourage physical activity for both employees and the local community. That’s why, as part of our Parklife initiative, we regularly include walking and cycle paths on and around the parks and, in some cases, country parks, outdoor fitness equipment or employee gyms, to support health and wellbeing.

Providing outdoor fitness equipment on and around our Prologis Parks is a great way to encourage people, Park employees and members of the local community to spend time outdoors, increasing their exposure to fresh air and sunlight, which increases levels of vitamin D. Outdoor fitness equipment can also be used by people with different levels of fitness and, as it’s free of charge, it’s accessible to all.

Recently, we opened our latest outdoor fitness trail at Prologis Park Wellingborough West. The trail forms a 1 mile running track around zone b of the park and includes a different piece of outdoor fitness equipment at 5 locations along the track, with information boards at each fitness station introducing the equipment and its correct use. We’ve also included equipment suitable for use by those in wheelchairs, ensuring everyone can benefit from the fitness trail.

Exercising outdoors is now incredibly popular and even though it was only opened recently, our fitness trail at Prologis Park Wellingborough West is already being used by the local community, including local running and fitness groups. We also hope it will be widely used by park employees once the first occupiers move in.