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By: Robin Woodbridge 20/10/20
Why it’s time to prioritise UK logistics

Why it’s time for the sector to build on a new level of awareness created by the COVID-19 Pandemic   In February, before COVID-19 struck, internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales in the UK stood at just 18% and few people understood (or cared) how the goods they ordered online, or picked […]

By: Nicki Whittaker 17/06/20
A Walk in The Park

How logistics parks and buildings are taking nature and employee wellbeing to their heart. The current crisis has thrust the logistics sector into the limelight and underlined the importance of key workers in this sector: from those picking and packing goods in the warehouse to the delivery drivers ensuring everything from food and medicine to […]

By: Oliver Bycroft 04/11/19
High Hopes for The High Street

2018 Christmas trading figures have been a mixed bag for UK retailers, with winners and losers on the High Street. One trend that continues though is the rise of online sales and the decline of physical retail sales. No surprise there then. However, look closely between the tabloid pages of doom and gloom and it’s […]

By: Paul Weston 02/11/19
Why we need to re-frame the conversation if we want to attract millennials into the industrial and logistics sector

I’ve been in the industrial and logistics sector for over twenty five years and, over the last few months,I’ve been reflecting on the challenges out customers face if they want to encourage more young people to consider a career within this rapidly growing area. Even writing the words ‘logistics sector’ made me stop and consider […]

By: Robin Woodbridge 01/11/19
How the need for flexibility is changing the relationship between landlords and 3PL’s

As e-commerce continues to grow in the UK, so too does the demand for third party logistics and, with that growth, come challenges and opportunities for the sector in equal measure. Finding the right logistics warehouse, with the right fit-out and the right lease terms and structure are key to helping 3PL’s deliver on their […]

By: Nicki Whittaker 30/10/19
Labour attraction is the new trend for logistics real estate

Labour attraction is the new trend for logistics real estate Access to qualified labour and its retention is one of the most talked about topics for logistics real estate operators today. Not only do labour trends impact recruitment and location strategies, but sourcing a loyal workforce is getting harder.   The importance of labour in […]

By: Martina Malone 10/09/19
Why diversity in the workplace should be a culture, not a cliché

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak about gender diversity and inclusivity in the property industry at the very first ‘Women in Industrial Property’ conference. The event was organised by the Industrial Agents Society and was held at the headquarters of BAFTA in London. Hosting the event in a venue linked to […]